Top 5 Best Schools to Study Music in Nigeria (2020)

Top 5 Best Schools to Study Music in Nigeria (2020)

Top 5 Best Schools to Study Music in Nigeria (2020): In this article, we will let you in on the five best music schools in Nigeria. Music, especially classical music, involves transferring/communicating your musical ideas clearly so that the listener can understand and appreciate your work. If you are a student of music, it will be really nice if you are tutored by the right music teacher so that you can produce excellent music.

In Nigeria today, there are schools which teach music and they teach it really well. This article will be beneficial to the prospective student in deciding which school of music to go to. In no particular order, we shall look at the top five music schools in Nigeria currently.

List of Top 5 Best Music Schools in Nigeria.

1. Lee Music School

Lee Music School, LMS is Located in Yaba, Lagos, and they’re really good in teaching music. Lee Music School has various levels of training which include preliminary, beginner, intermediate and advanced training which range span three to four months of intensive training.

Lee Music School teaches diction as part of their curriculum to help fine tune the voice of their students and to produce top quality musicians.

One can also learn music on their own through their CD which provides a tutorial on vocal cord training.

  1. Tenstrings Music School

Tenstrings Music School is the biggest music school in Nigeria with branches in Ikeja, Surulere, Festac, Lekki, Ajah, Abuja and Port Harcourt. Tenstrings was founded in 2007 and has rapidly grown to become one of the best music schools in Nigeria.

TMS offers a wide range of courses which as short as 3 months and as long as 2 years. These courses include audio technology, music production, music promotion, dance and DJ Academy.

  1. Strauss Schools

Strauss music school is a music school that is located in Maitama, Abuja. It is a music, dance, and drama school. You can also call it a school of performing arts.

Strauss music school has two main departments which are the Music and Musical Theatre Departments. Within the aforementioned departments are the Junior and Secondary departments respectively.

Strauss music school has bands and choir group that specialize in various aspects of music namely: the string ensemble, the junior jazz band, strauss youth opera, strauss ballet troupe and the strauss voices. Learning music at Strauss can be really interesting.

  1. MUSON School of Music

MUSON school of music is arguably the most popular music school in Nigeria. MUSON means Musical Society of Nigeria and it is located at Onikan, Lagos Island. Muson School of Music was established in 1989.

Muson School of Music offers diploma courses and requires that candidates present 5 credits in their Senior Secondary School Certificate examination.

MUSON school of music is an excellent school with high class teachers to tutor top quality music.

They usually collaborate with corporate organizations to offer scholarship for students that lack the funds to enroll in their music school.

  1. Lani Stephen Music Institute

LSMI is located in Jos and was established in 1992 with the vision of providing wholistic applied musical training to people of all ages, social and racial groups. They also have a centre in Abuja.

Their admission procedure is quite rigorous and it is quite similar to what you’ll find in any Nigerian university’s admission process.

The courses offered ranged between 1-2 years in duration. They include diploma in sound engineering, musical arts education and keyboard instruments.

This school has a faith-based origin and this is seen in the caliber of some of the courses offered. Some of which include diploma in church music as well as diploma in church music and worship.

These are the top five music schools in Nigeria currently. If you want to learn music, you can visit any one nearest to your residence.


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